Spawn of the Flames

Terror Tales, June 1936 thumbnail
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Terror Tales, June 1936
Terror Tales Magazine, June 1936

Also, Death’s Cold Arms 


Drums of Empire

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The fire of revolution made them enemies… the flame of desire made them lovers.
A lusty, violent novel of 18th-Century Haiti, in revolt against Napoleon’s bloody rule

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Claim of the Fleshless Corpse

5 Detective Novels 1950 Winter

Also, Murder Suspect, Murder Under Wraps, The House of Frogs, and The Case of the Astral Assassin

This entire issue can be downloaded here

The Sheriff’s Daughter And The Wise Guy Train Bandit

Man's Life May 1960

Also, Trailer Camps: Wild And Wanton Love On Wheels, Slow Death In Snake Valley, and The Five Amorous “Daughters” Of Madam Ann Bailey