A Kiss Of Flame For France’s Lovely Daughters Of Freedom

Men Today Magazine June 1964


Squirm In Hell, My Lovely Muchacha

Man's Story Magazine 1964

Also, Fantastic Sexual Revolution Of The American Wife, Weekends Are For Lust, I Discovered Hitler’s Super Secret Sin Girl Castle, and Self Test: How Really Virile Are You?


Death Hogs The Spotlight

Variety Detective Magazine August 1938

First issue. This entire issue can be downloaded here


You Die Next, Jill Baby!

You Die Next, Jill Baby! paperback cover, 1975 thumbnail
Major books, 1975 thumbnail
You Die Next, Jill Baby! paperback cover, 1975
Major books, 1975

For the first time in his life, Mike Ross felt helpless. He was facing a small, deadly private army — and their hostage was the only girl he had ever loved….


The Mole Men Want Your Eyes

Horror Stories - April-May 1938