Hard-Boiled Christmas Stories

Reverse Karma Press 2014

Cover by David Saunders, son of Norman Saunders


I Saved 100 Captive Beauties From The Lust-Mad Butcher Of Oriente

Man's Story Magazine November 1960


She Learned The Meaning Of Fear

Men in Conflict December 1962

Also featuring The Wolf Woman Who Beat The Reds, The Call Girl Cutie Who Won A War, and Girl Smugglers Of Tokyo


A Kiss Of Flame For France’s Lovely Daughters Of Freedom

Men Today Magazine June 1964


Squirm In Hell, My Lovely Muchacha

Man's Story Magazine 1964

Also, Fantastic Sexual Revolution Of The American Wife, Weekends Are For Lust, I Discovered Hitler’s Super Secret Sin Girl Castle, and Self Test: How Really Virile Are You?


Death Hogs The Spotlight

Variety Detective Magazine August 1938

First issue. This entire issue can be downloaded here