The Time Masters

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Startling Stories January 1954
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000010-11
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000019
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000075
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000088a
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000112

Also, His Head In The Clouds. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Heritage Of The Owlhoot Trail

Action Stories October 1939

This entire story can be downloaded here

Overland Pass

52630508241_Famous Western August 1955

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Mark Of The Cobra

Two-Book Detective Magazine - November 1934

Also, The Death Bus and Nightmare Isle


The Dark Tunnel

Lion Books 48 1950

The Story Of A Homosexual Spy

From the back:

The strong and delicate shape of her head was the same and her body was as I remembered it. Slim and straight as a boy’s, with small, high breasts and narrow hips and firm legs like a dancer’s . . .
As he remembered it! The only difference was—this was not a woman but a man! A man who loved other men. A man who was a spy.


Shriek, My Little One, On The Devil’s Couch Of Torment!

Man's Story August 1964

Also featuring Beware The Sex Traps Of Vacationing Wives, Summertime Kid Killers Are Gunning For You, and 10 Sure Ways To Become A Big Time Lover



Western Action Novels September 1937

Also, Quick Triggers and Gunless Gunman. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


Doubling For Death

Black Book Detective July 1938

Cover reused from Phantom Detective