All-American Fiction Now Combined With Argosy

Argosy September 24 1938


Golden Jaws of Ju-Ju River

Jungle Comics (February 1946)

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Call Of The Congo Drums

Red Blooded Stories - October 1928

First of only five issues, all with covers by Robert A. Cameron


“Wife Or Mistress” and Other Clean Thrillers!

Thrilling Tales - May 1927

First of only three issues


No Return From The Catrimanis

Male May 1957

Also, Island Of Captive Women


Finding The River Of Gold

Man To Man Magazine September 1960

Finding The River Of Gold was also published in South Sea Stories. Also featuring Leo Doran’s Jungle Harem, Red Hell, and I Was A Nazi Love Slave


The Reluctant Headhunter

Men Magazine July 1956

Also, Girls On Parole and The Craziest Ambush Of The Korean War. Cover was later reused for Valor in 1958.