The Cannibal Cruise Of The “Essex”

Men In Conflict February 1962

Also, Let’s Make Stag Shows Legal, Thirty-Five Seconds Of Slaughter, and Queen City Of Sex


Track, Master Of D.E.A.T.H.

Track, Master of D.E.A.T.H., paperback cover, 1985 thumbnail
Harlequin Books, 1985 thumbnail
Track, Master of D.E.A.T.H., paperback cover, 1985
Harlequin Books, 1985

He’s out to control the world, but first he has to kill Dan Track!


Saddlemate Sweethearts Of Tragedy Ranch

Rangeland Romances June 1938


Lust Vengeance For The Rebel Wanton

Man's Scape August 1963

Also, You Are The World’s Lousiest Lover, Cops Should Crack More Heads, The Flames Of Hell Are Frying My Flesh, A Flaming Kiss For My Liebchen, 1,000 Maidens For Satan’s Orgies Of Terror, and Love Slave of the Nympho Goddess


Why Not Go Naked

Man's Look December 1961

Also, The Sub That Sank Itself, The Nympho Used A Knife, and Gambling Can Put Money In Your Pocket


The Banzai Beauty

Man's Action May 1964

… Who Beat My Buddies To Death

Also featuring 5 Sex Problems That Can Make Your Wife Cheat


The Nazi She-Devil Who Killed For Kicks!

Man's Action April 1968