The Man Days

Vampires June 1927

Tales, Historic And Modern, Of Women Whose Careers Challenge The Claim Of The Male As The Stronger Sex


Killing Quarry


Who’s Been Hired To Hit The Hitman?

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Kiss Of The Damned

Kiss of the Damned paperback cover, 1953 thumbnail
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Kiss of the Damned paperback cover, 1953

He Wanted Her Life — And She Gave Him Her Love

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Joy Ride

Bee-Line Book 194 1967 thumbnail
Bee-Line Book 194 1967 Back thumbnail
Bee-Line Book 194 1967
Bee-Line Book 194 1967 Back

Jane joins the crew of a floating brothel-offering her charms to men of all nations-in a desperate attempt to foil a Red Chinese plot to rule the world!

It looks like someone stole Maguire artwork for this cover. From the back:

A houseboat fitted out as a house of prostitution, staffed by desirable girls of every shape, size and color…
The widow of the deposed dictator of the South American nation of San Posterior…
A pair of Chinese gamblers who know more tricks than how to cheat at fan tan …
The most dangerous weapon the world has ever known, capable of leveling an entire city in seconds…
WHAT COULD IT ALL ADD UP TO? Another dastardly plot by S.T.R.O.K.E., that’s what!
And who has to rush into the breach and save the free world from a Red Chinese takeover? Jane Blond—the secret agent from B.U.S.T., armed only with her electric panties and her incurable yen for men—that’s who!


No Bodies, Darling

Dime Detective February 1952 thumbnail
Dime Detective v66 n04 [1952-02] 0015 thumbnail
Dime Detective v66 n04 [1952-02] 0045 thumbnail
Dime Detective v66 n04 [1952-02] 0073 thumbnail
Dime Detective February 1952
Dime Detective v66 n04 [1952-02] 0015
Dime Detective v66 n04 [1952-02] 0045
Dime Detective v66 n04 [1952-02] 0073

Also, Death Under Glass, which is apparently not related to the Death Under Glass previously published in Dime Detective in 1933. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


Harlequin 293 1954

A derelict on New York’s waterfront, fighting her battles with flying fists and heels


The Women-Ridden Island of Last Resort

Man's Life January 1961

Also featuring Sin In Snowland: The Shame of the Ski Lodge Shack-Ups


Lone-Wolf Hero Charles Ruff: Misfit Yank Who Crashed Argentina’s Secret, Hitler-Lover Sub Base For Escaped Nazi Butchers

Man’s Life March 1969


Suicide Mission To Stalag 217

Man's Life November 1961

Also, Our Wild College Girls: Pleasure Bent Students On The Loose and Balboa Kate’s Underwater House Of Pleasure: Navy Surplus Paved Her Way To Fortune


Enigma of the Slashed Illinois Teacher

Real Detective July 1938

Also, New York’s Society Orgies and New Mexico’s Horror of the Pound of Flesh