Brides For The Damned (1936)

Terror Tales - September 1936

Not related to this Mystery Tales story of the same name. Cover was later altered for Strange Detective magazine in 1940


Murder At The World’s Fair

Detective Short Stories June 1939


The Mummy Pack Prowles Again

Dime Mystery Magazine April 1937

Also, Flesh For The Swamp Men


The Girl Who Loved Death

Amazing Stories September 1952 thumbnail
Amazing Stories Magazine September 1952 thumbnail
008-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 008 thumbnail
009-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 009 thumbnail
044-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 044 thumbnail
057-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 057 thumbnail
085-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 085 thumbnail
Amazing Stories September 1952
Amazing Stories Magazine September 1952
008-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 008
009-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 009
044-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 044
057-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 057
085-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 085

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Coming Of The Cat-Men

Dime Mystery Magazine - October 1940 thumbnail
45152231-4035817292_a69a4e3712_o[1] thumbnail
Dime Mystery Magazine - October 1940

I know it says Cat-Men, but that sure looks like a Snake-Man to me.

Also featuring The Corpse Who Wouldn’t Die! and Master Of The Graveyard Ghouls

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