The Platinum Trap

MIDWOOD # F-202 1962 thumbnail
MIDWOOD #F-202 1962 Back thumbnail
MIDWOOD # F-202 1962
MIDWOOD #F-202 1962 Back

From the tip of her toes to her platinum top Joan Browne’s body was a devouring trap that fed her greed for fame and pleasure


Motel Wives

1963 Beacon B605F

Lili Disrobed Slowly Before The Open Window… Watching… Waiting…
A Daring New Novel That Reveals The Merry-Go-Round Of Sex At America’s Seething Highway Hideaways!


Nurses’ Quarters

BEACON #316 1960 thumbnail
Beacon B315 1960 thumbnail
BEACON #316 1960
Beacon B315 1960

A Daring Novel Of Young Women Who Live In Close Proximity… And Closer Intimacy!

From the back:

This is the story of lovely women… lonely women… women who drift into the ways of unnatural love. What makes them what they are? Is there some unwholesome predisposition, some twisted experience of childhood, that nurtures the growth of these “flowers of evil”? Or does the noxious phenomenon inevitably occur when girls are herded together, as in schools, camps — and nurses’ quarters?
Consider three lovely nurses at Mercy Hospital. Young Claire Hainsby’s innocence had kept her flesh so starved that she became easy prey for warped Birdie Mathews. Once tainted, Claire sank to battling sensual Nesta Johnson for Birdie’s practiced and cynical love. Yet honey-gold Claire was attractive to men—one or two even lured her into passionate interludes. Could these experiences save her from the netherworld of her depraved emotions?



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Beacon B822X 1961 thumbnail
Beacon B822X 1961

If You Dare — Share The Excitement Of These Couples Trapped In A Cozy Motel — Isolated By Storm, By Seduction, And By Their Own Utter Lack Of Morality!

From the back:

It was one of those motels so common along the turnpike, but it had its special features. Pretty Vinnie, for instance, who attracted men like Joe Stacy more than their wives did. Naturally he stopped by often. So did couples like Jane and Bruce, both married — but not to each other. On the night the blizzard burst over the highway, all were marooned — and the isolation killed inhibition. A pair of travelers, Virginia and Sally, found themselves sharing a single bed. Lydia Lane was ready to spend the night with anyone. Even Barbara, Joe’s beautiful wife, showed up — with another man.

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Linda Lust

Evening Reader ER748 - Linda Lust (1964) thumbnail
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Evening Reader ER748 - Linda Lust (1964)

A Wanton Hunger For Sin And Money

From the back:

… the brothers Evans… Bruce and Cal… shared a common shame… each wanted the other’s wife to share their exclusive degradation. Bruce took matters into his own hands and prevailed upon the shameless vixen, Linda, to seduce Cal away from Myra… the light of Bruce’s life. Linda moves into Cal’s home like a forest fire, flaunting her insatiable desires all around Cal, working him to an exhaustion each day… until Myra discovers the wantons as they begin another session of their endless—

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Hot Cargo (1953)

Lion Book 171 (1953) thumbnail
Lion Book 171 (1953) Back thumbnail
Lion Book 171 (1953)
Lion Book 171 (1953) Back

They carried 129,000 Tons Of Explosive Oil — And A TNT Woman!

Somehow, this is the third book with this title I have posted.
From the back:

The ship was a seam-split-ting, creaking, leaking, stinking barge.
It would get by.
The captain was a fat, foul-mouthed, drunken bum.
He’d do
The crew was cutthroat, cunning, and crooked.
It did its work.
And the one female passenger was young. lovely, and willing. But she was a lighted torch to the inflamed passions of 19 men… and when she was bored with lusting, she turned her devil’s mind to the biggest thrill of her life—She put a match to the cargo: 129,000 tons of high explosive oil.


Free and Easy (Original Title: After Passion)

Free and Easy, paperback cover, Ecstasy 1951 thumbnail
Ecstasy 1951 - # 11 - Free And Easy - Luther Gordon thumbnail
Free and Easy, paperback cover, Ecstasy 1951
Ecstasy 1951 - # 11 - Free And Easy - Luther Gordon

She Wanted Love… Not Marriage!


Ecstasy Girl (1951)

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The Mixed-Up Love Capers of Two Men and Three Girls

The 1948 cover is here

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Lesson In Love (Original Title: Pot-Bouille)

Pyramid, 1953

A Young Frenchman In A Paris Boarding House




… tantalizing … alluring … wanton … but deep within her smoldered the flames of violence that could destroy a man


Wild Oats (Original Title: The Other Woman’s Way)

Wild Oats (The Other Woman's Way) by Howard Rockey

She was a temptress… undisguised, unfaithful, unsatisfied