Naked Acre (Original Title: The Wing And The Yoke)


Bitter Yearnings on a Lonely Farm


Puta (Original Title: Born To Be Bad)

Midwood 165, 1962

Rita wanted to be good, but when she was bad she was better.
Her mother was a Spanish prostitute — a “puta’, her father unknown. How could she be anything more that what she was?

This novel by Lawrence Block was previously published as Born To Be Bad in 1959, and was later published again under that title in 1967


Tight Skirt

1952, Cameo Books #321 thumbnail
Star Books No. 227 1954 thumbnail
1952, Cameo Books #321
Star Books No. 227 1954

Four People Alone In A Mountain Cabin Find That Love Knows No Laws Except Its Own Driving Need!

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Backwater Woman

Backwater Woman paperback cover, 1957 thumbnail
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Backwater Woman paperback cover, 1957

She Used Her Sex To Survive

From the back:

A Lusty Novel By The Author Of Riverboat Girl

The peaceable, easy-livin’ houseboat folk up along the Slough had never seen a creature the likes of that backwater woman named Feline. Soon as she sashayed her saucy prettiness into Spike Rudd’s cabin, she stirred up a torrent of greed, lust and violent jealousies. And all Miss Feline did was to wiggle a bit and display a good deal of her virginal charms. Not meaning any harm, mind you! For Feline was just an eager little gal wanting to reach straight up for a “man on top of the pile,” a man of property. How Feline got her man, and how she got the clan in a riotous uproar, with man against man and woman against woman and all of them against kitten-cunning Feline, makes for a roaringly ribald tale of lusty, earthy American primitives that you won’t soon forget.

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Mademoiselle Jardine And America’s 17 Decoyed Airmen

For Men Only March 1960

She Was The Bait In A Mountain Hideout

Also, Escaping Legionnaire From Penal Fort No-Return


The Lust of Private Cooper (Original Title: Collision)


Her Flesh Drove Him To Shocking Depths

Previous edition here


Untamed Female

Merit Books 684 1963

Her feminine guiles were unique!

From the back:

She was gowned purely to excite a man’s passion. The negligee was artfully fashioned to conceal much of the near-naked flesh beneath, yet with each sinuous movement of her body, it revealed flashing glimpses of the beauty that was there…


Pleasure Professor


High school girls used special talents with the admissions director to get into college… and he loved it.