Hard Case Crime


Hard Case Crime is dedicated to reviving the vigor and excitement, the suspense and thrills—the sheer entertainment—of the golden age of paperback crime novels, both by bringing back into print the best work of the pulp era and by introducing readers to new work by some of today’s most powerful writers and artists. Determined detectives and dangerous women… fortune hunters and vengeance seekers… ingenious criminals and men on the run… Hard Case Crime novels offer everything you want from a great story, all in handsome and affordable editions.

Hard Case publishes great books with amazing covers. I have featured a few of their titles here before, but I was not having much luck finding decent scans of most of their covers. So, I wrote to the editor, Charles Ardai, and asked for the original cover images. And he actually said yes! Charles is a man who clearly appreciates pulp cover art, as you can see in this extensive interview he did with Killer Covers, and he has put together an peerless collection of covers from some of the best artists working today.

So, I am proud to present what might be a PulpCovers.com exclusive: the complete collection of Hard Case Crime covers in their original, digital, non-scanned glory. Enjoy!

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