Cannibal Caravans

Jungle Comics #99 March 1948

This entire issue can be downloaded here

The Very Private Secretary

BH-7401 The Very Private Secretary

Sally loved her job — and her tough, crusading boss. She was determined to protect him. She just didn’t know how vicious his enemies were!

Cover swiped from Divorce Bait


All Flesh Is Brass

Fantastic Adventures - August 1952 thumbnail
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Fantastic Adventures - August 1952

Also includes The Man Who Lived Twice, The Yellow Wind, Mars Invites You, and Tomorrow’s Shadow. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Marked For Murder (1960) (Original Title: The Ivory Grin)

Pocket Book 6030 (1960)

Everyone Connected With This Triple-Crossing Blonde Was… Marked For Murder


Shadow on the Moon

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Amazing Stories October 1952

 Was it a man’s love or a woman’s lust that cast this Shadow on the Moon?

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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