She Learned The Meaning Of Fear

Men in Conflict December 1962

Also featuring The Wolf Woman Who Beat The Reds, The Call Girl Cutie Who Won A War, and Girl Smugglers Of Tokyo


Morning Star

Famous Fantastic Mysteries February 1950

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Tainted Wife

Fabian Z-118 1959

It was just Molly and Fred that day — alone in the loft — while the weather threatened to ruin the hay


Pleasure Professor


High school girls used special talents with the admissions director to get into college… and he loved it.



Konga A Monarch Movie Book paperback cover, 1960 thumbnail
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Konga A Monarch Movie Book paperback cover, 1960

He Tampered With Nature’s Laws To Change A Monkey Into A Death-Dealing Gorilla Bigger Than Human Eyes Had Ever Seen

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