Spawn of the Flames

Terror Tales, June 1936 thumbnail
Terror Tales Magazine, June 1936 thumbnail
Terror Tales, June 1936
Terror Tales Magazine, June 1936

Also, Death’s Cold Arms 


House Of The Mummy Men

Terror Tales, March-April 1939 thumbnail
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Terror Tales, March-April 1939

Also featuring Bride Of The Serpent. This cover was reused for Dime Mystery in 1940. The entire issue can be downloaded here

Serpent Of Destruction

The Spider - April 1934 thumbnail
The Spider - April 1934 thumbnail
Spider - April 1934 thumbnail
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The Spider - April 1934
The Spider - April 1934
Spider - April 1934

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Beat Boys

Ace Bks H262 1959

America’s Teen-Age Jungle And A Searing Story Of Youth In Search Of ‘Kicks’

From the back:

Against a background of fast-drinking, drug addiction, wild jazz and all-night parties, the young people of today who make up the Beat Generation carry on their desperate search for a meaning to their lives—a search for identity, experience and love. The Beats may be found pursuing their restless quest in every big American city. Here is the world of the Beat Generation—a world of dingy back-stairs, be-bop joints, night-long wanderings, meetings on street corners, hitch-hiking, and ‘hip’ bars.


Captain Seadog

Pocket Books 1237 1959

He Fought For Queen, For Country, And For The Love Of The Passionate Woman He Was Forbidden To Mary

From the back:

These were the rewards Michael Goddard dreamed of when he returned to England with a treasure taken at sword’s point from the proud galleons of the Spanish Main. But instead, Goddard was falsely accused of treachery to Queen Elizabeth. He was left to rot in a dungeon. Then, suddenly and mysteriously, he was helped to escape. His rescuer was a ravishingly beautiful woman he had never even seen before. And the mystery deepened when Good Queen Bess herself ordered him to perform a service upon which hung the fate of all England. Was this just another trap baited by an English beauty? Or was it the way for this lusty swords-man to regain his honor and his glittering fortune? What was Goddard to believe?

This entire book can be downloaded here

Tom Blood, Highwayman

Avon G-1125 1962

Meet the gallant Irish patriot who vanquished his enemies, tumbled the ladies, and stole England’s Crown Jewels — all with equal daring

This entire book can be read here

Food For Coffins

Dime Myster January 1935

This cover was later reused for the April 1940 issue.


How To Make Your Start

How 7, Vol 1 No 1, January 1928

The first issue of How 7, a short-lived magazine of inspiration essays and testimonials from successful personalities.