Raw Meat For The Jaws Of Hell

Man's Story April 1962

Also featuring Passion Slave Of The Whip Goddess, Truth About Abnormal Love Impulses, Deliver Your Virgins or We Burn The Town, and Damned Beauties of The Nazi Horror Museum


The Blood And Torture Ordeal Of The Girl Who Couldn’t Feel Pain

Man's Adventures January 1966 thumbnail
Man's Adventure June 1967 thumbnail
Man's Adventures January 1966
Man's Adventure June 1967

Also featuring An Average American Couple Tells: How We Arranged Our First Wife-Swap Date, 14 GI’s Who Were Trapped In A Cave With 14 Nazi Prostitutes, and Exposing Camps That Double As Vice Schools!

The cover was reused the following year for The Prostitute Traitor Who Led Me Into A Trap Of Blood, along with Swapping — Why Women Think It’s Wonderful! and Sex! How Much Do You Spend A Year To Satisfy Your Needs?

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Queen of Evil (1964)

After Hours 105 1964

From the back:

… In the midst of black magic where love potions, sex rites, fertility dances and a strange DEVIL WORSHIP rules over Haiti, comes beautiful Mitzi Turner, with hopes of finding a mysterious tribe. Instead, she becomes involved with domineering, powerful Laura Dixon, regarded as a Queen of Evil, believed to be the secret Voodoo Queen. In jungles as raw as the passions and perversions of its natives, sadism is a virtue. Forbidden dances with snakes. Lesbian loves on a plantation. Brutality rules supreme. A web of evil.


The Armed Forces War Against Vice

Battle Cry, October 1962

Also featuring Sin Stands for Sabotage and Tokyo: The City Where Sex Is King


Intimate Physician

Beacon Books B322 1960

His Voluptuous Patients Were Sick… With Desire!
The Shocking Affairs Of A Doctor Who Made Women His Specialty — Yet Could Not Cure The Sick Passion Of His Own Wayward Bride!


Motel Girls

Beacon Books B314 1960

Cleo was young and fresh from the farm…
Julie made the beds — and used them…
Ruby knew what a motel could offer…

The Strange Story Of Three Girls Caught Up In The Seamier Side of The Motel Business