The Giant Runt

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011-TWS v26n01 (1944-Sum) 011
013-TWS v26n01 (1944-Sum) 013
017-TWS v26n01 (1944-Sum) 017
045-TWS v26n01 (1944-Sum) 045
065-TWS v26n01 (1944-Sum) 064-065
084-TWS v26n01 (1944-Sum) 083
094-TWS v26n01 (1944-Sum) 093

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Lillies For The Bride

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One of 12 scarce issue of Mike Shayne Magazine published in Austrailia with different covers and contents drawn from various sources.


The Black Ice Score


Here’s Parker! Teaching a class in advanced jewel theft, with post-graduate work in kidnapping, mayhem, and applied terror…


Private Screening

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Bee Line 1967
Bee Line 1967 Back

She was the bait for a studio tycoon’s twisted wife… but she didn’t care… she thought it was wonderful to be paid for that!

Cover reused from Party Time

From the back:

Her name was Carole and she was beautiful and passionate, but anyone… man or woman… could have her for the right price! She had made up her mind to succeed in the tawdry jungle of show business and she didn’t care what she had to do to do it! And she was only one of the tramp starlets who infest Hollywood, struggling to make good, willing to pay their way with the only currency they own: their own fresh bodies! Even when the buyers were more often women than men…



1964 Midwood 32-398

She’d felt safe and secure in her marriage until a lovely spectre from a secret past returned to reawaken the dormant hungers.

From the back:

To her husband, friends and neighbors, Alice Rittenhouse was the epitome of the modern young housewife… well-bred, attractive, sensitive and happily married. Then, without warning, a strange act of fate threatened to destroy the foundations of her well-ordered existence… and expose the sordid and shameful secrets she had tried so desperately to keep hidden from her husband.
Laura Duchamp presents the shocking story of a beautiful and intelligent young woman, suddenly forced to choose between two altogether different types of love.


Love Tutor

1963 Beacon Signal B624FK

It Takes A Woman To Make A Man Out Of A Boy!
When a love-starved teacher becomes private tutor to a handsome, husky, high school student, can she suppress her overpowering physical desires for him?


Lust To Live

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1959 Monarch 127

A Dramatic Novel That Exposes The Sins Of Men And Women In A Small Town

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