I, Robot

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An Amazing Confession

These two paintings each contain some elements of the original Fuqua art as well as recreated painted elements (done by a professional conservator) and color Photostats. The painting were restored in this manner to showcase the original pre-edited historical version of the artwork alongside the image that was used for the printed version. 

This story by Eando Binder is not in any way related to the more famous Asimov collection of the same name, and in fact predates it by eleven years.



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This painting was retouched after the cover was printed, to add some nudity.


The Blonde and Johnny Malloy


Everything Frank had was Johnny’s — including Nelli

From the back:

When he got out, he met the tantalizing blonde and had a shock. Nelli belonged to Frank Trask — the man Johnny had served five years to protect! Crossing Trask was suicide, so Johnny tried to forget the woman. But no man could resist Nelli Rivera when she was in the mood to be wanted.


Have You Heard About Harriet?

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She’s the too perfect housekeeper, the worry-bird, the target of the neighborhood

I heard that she is actually a robot!

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How We Escaped From Red China


A Chinese Nympho, A Russian Schoolmarm And A German Medico

Also featuring Sexual Research: Beware the quacks who are cashing in on the Johnson-Masters report!, A Sex-Starved Housewife Tells: How I Tried Love With Another Woman!, With $1,000,000 In Gold And A Pair Of Uninhibited Indian Girl Guides, We Hunted Treasure In The Swamp Of Death!, and Earthquake!: We Lived Through A Day Of Hell