The Absence Of A Cello

Avon #F-100, 1962

What gives when a scientist tries to sell his brain, and his soul (and his sister) to Big Business


Jazz Bum

Lion Book 225 (1954)

An Evil Woman Drove Him Into An Underworld Of Dark Passions!


Quartet in H (Original Title: Second Ending)

Cardinal Books C-236 1956

Young musicians and their girls — talented, insecure, desperately seeking love. Here is their explosive story told with power and compassion


The Far Out Ones

Playtime 650 1963 thumbnail
28080106-5838216582_bfb78dd1d1_b[1] thumbnail
Playtime 650 1963

9 to 5 at the office wasn’t for her… not when belly dancing could shimmy her into the big time

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Commit The Sins

Newsstand Library U-165 thumbnail
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Newsstand Library U-165

Her passions swirled with the smoke, as dissonant and savage as the jazz from the stand, building up into a wild and frantic crescendo.

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