Way Of A Wanton (1964)

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“There was a fire in her eyes that was scorching me — me, Shell Scott, the private eye who couldn’t tell whether a dame wanted to kiss me, or kill me!”

From the back:

No matter how you look at it, 36-22-35 are magic numbers. They have a real message for me. I’m Shell Scott, the private eye, and I’m very good at figures. You might say I follow them very carefully. I’ve been following this one figure for several days and learned her name is Sherry. She looks as though she were designed by a sex fiend, and I hated to think she was mixed up in murder. It almost made me crawl back into my Shell. But somebody was planning to send me to my friendly neighborhood mortician and I had to find out who — or die trying.

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Assignment Helene

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She looked soft, helpless and desirable, but Sam Durell knew she was more deadly than an assassin’s bullet

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The Hungry One

The Hungry One 1966

She’d try anything for kicks


Strip For Murder

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Shell Scott grinned: “I want the facts, ma’am. Just the bare facts.”

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The Wayward Wahine (1960)


The seductive rhythm of a Hawaiian girl’s primitive hula dance lures Danny Boyd into the arms… of a killer


Assignment: Carlotta Cortez

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Gold Medal #21692, 1966

She offered her beautiful body as the bribe for Sam Durell’s silence.

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Over Her Dear Body


Shell Scott was being hounded to death — by bombs, bullets and blondes!

“This book is dedicated to: HUDSON’S BAY SCOTCH, KENT CIGARETTES, and YUBAN COFFEE without which it might never have been written.”


The Ever-Loving Blues


His horn caressed the Dixieland lament and the notes came out ripe, rosy, round — making a perfect tribute for the beautiful blues singer who was soon to die…


Dig That Crazy Grave (1961)


Man, she had a shape to make corpses kick open caskets — and she was dead set on giving me rigor mortis


Pure Sweet Hell


For a dame like this I’d sell out to Satan — but the devil himself was ahead of me in line


Lament for a Lousy Lover (1960)

Signet S1856 1960

Mavis Seidlitz, sensational blonde private eye and Al Wheeler, tough L.A. cop, meet head on in an explosive free-for-all bout of mischief and murder!

A 1960 cover is here