The Mad Doctor In The Third Floor Rear

Master Detective - January 1930


The Wayward Baby-Sitter

Master Detective March 1956

A Murderess At 15

Also, The Man With The Mole and Killer In The Boarding School


One Woman Plus 2 Men Equals Homicide

Master Detective July 1961

Also, Seattle’s “Devil Slaying” and The Traveling Corpse


Death Stalked The Wealthy Sisters

Master Detective September 1961

Also, Florida’s Gun Girl On A Motorcycle, Indiana’s Savage “Cat Woman” Slaying, and New Jersey’s Most Baffling Murder Case


The Guest Left In A Hearse

Master Detective March 1959

The blonde’s Boston party ended in murder

Also, A Prayer For A Slayer and She Lived Fast, She Died Fast


Lone Women Were His Prey

Master Detective September 1958

Also featuring Mad Dog From Memphis and She Died With Her Secret