Devil On The Moon

Doc Savage - March 1938

This looks like a reverse Yellow Peril cover, with the Man of Bronze injecting a terrified Chinese-looking woman with something.


The Disappearing Lady

Doc Savage December 1946

A Gardenia’s Heavy Odor, A Plexiglass-And-Chrome Auto — These Led To The Disappearing Lady


The King Of Terror

Doc Savage  April 1943

The Death Of Doc Savage Is Planned To Perfection


The Man Of Bronze

Doc Savage March 1933 thumbnail
Doc Savage First Issue - Canadian Edition thumbnail
Lucky Strike thumbnail
Doc Savage March 1933
Doc Savage First Issue - Canadian Edition
Lucky Strike

The very first issue of Doc Savage.

I also included the Canadian edition that came out later that year, and the Lucky Strike ad from the back cover.

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Rock Sinister

Doc Savage May 1945

In Which Strange Letters, Carved Out On Ancient Stone, Write A Dramatic Chapter In The Life Of Doc Savage



Doc Savage November 1939