5 Beds To Mecca (The Lady from L.U.S.T. #4)


Eve Drum is given the toughest, dirtiest assignment of her career — to stop a new holy war in the Middle East. And, as usual, Operative Oh Oh Sex takes it lying down.

This entire book can be downloaded here. From the back cover:

Eve Drum, super spy and super girl, gets the wildest, toughest and sexiest assignment of her fabulous career. Eve’s job: to stop a stop-at-nothing organization of Middle Eastern fanatics (A.L.L.A.H.) from touching off a holy war that will engulf the entire world. Working with her favorite Israeli agent, and figuring that the quickest way into an Arab madman’s headquarters is through the infamous white slave market of Beirut, Eve arranges to have her milk-white body put on the auction block – and what a prize she is! After that the action goes wild as bullets fly, knives flash, hypodermics hiss, and bedsprings creak. Always ready for a new kick or a new kill, Eve wiggles her way through the zaniest spy romp ever written – and loves every minute of it. Sex is Eve’s best weapon, and never before has she used it with such deadly effect. Even the erotic maniac, Sheikh Iskander ibn Rashid, can’t keep up with her as she shows him far-out delights and bedchamber gymnastics they never dreamed of in the Kama Sutra. In the end, sex conquers all, just as Eve knew it would.


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