A Streetcar Named Death

Popular Detective September 1950 thumbnail
Popular Detective-1950-09-p011 thumbnail
Popular Detective-1950-09-p041 thumbnail
Popular Detective-1950-09-p050 thumbnail
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Popular Detective September 1950
Popular Detective-1950-09-p011
Popular Detective-1950-09-p041
Popular Detective-1950-09-p050
Popular Detective-1950-09-p076
Popular Detective-1950-09-p093

Also, A Nice Night For Murder. This entire issue can be downloaded here


2 thoughts on “A Streetcar Named Death”

  1. I’ll tell you what: I’d read A Streetcar Named Death in preference to A Streetcar Named Desire any day.

  2. According to philsp.com, this is Belarski Rudolph’s art, although it doesn’t look like it to me (but I confess I can be wrong sometimes).

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