A World Divided

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Domino 72-749 1964
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Their kind of love knew no barriers — and burned more passionately than any between man and woman!

From the back:

Chris was a top designer in New York’s garment industry. She had talent, beauty, and money. She knew what was natural and right for herself, and had no qualms about being “gay.” That was the way she was made…
But she had a problem—a problem in the delectable, wickedly curved form of her lover, Betty. They’d lived together a long time — but Betty liked to hurt people, to tease and torture the woman who loved her most. She also liked to play both sides of the street…
Then along came Elaine, unhappy in her marriage, unable to find satisfaction with men, but unsure, uncertain…She did not know which way to turn, and she became the focal point of an explosive triangle!


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