Aero-Drive Desert Bus Replaces Camels

Modern Mechanix February 1935 thumbnail
bus thumbnail
Modern Mechanix February 1935

Protected from tropical sand storms, desert travelers of the future may be able to whiz across the Sahara in monster 100-passenger aero-drive buses following radio beam highways. Camel caravans 
would be out-moded by the standard of comfort possible in the proposed buses. 
Preliminary details of this whirring, bouncing giant of the sands call for propulsion entirely by air, with a 2500 h.p. aviation engine and pusher propeller mounted atop the roof. Most unusual feature of the desert bus is a series of spherical tires on each side which would provide good traction over the shifting sands. Directly back of the propeller is a steering fin which controls the direction of the ship.

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