All About Annette

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Midwood #51 1960

Sometimes Wild… Sometimes Willing… Always Wanton
An Incredible Triangle And A Woman Who Couldn’t Stop Cheating

From the back:

Bedeviled By Sinful Passions
THE HUSBAND … Charles could resist anything except temptation. He loved his wife but couldn’t stop cheating.
THE SISTER … Claire found fulfillment in the lush jungle of the third sex. She enjoyed the favors of countless women but there was only one woman she ever really loved—her brother’s wife!
THE WIFE … Annette was driven by her husband’s unfaithfulness to look for love elsewhere. Her husband was weak and Claire, who really loved her, was a lesbian. No wonder Annette turned to Steve—a real man.

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  1. Not on Lynn Munroe’s Rader checklist. I now think this may be Jack Faragasso. Compare to Beacon Books ‘She Learned the Hard Way.

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