Army Girl

Venus Books #194 1953 thumbnail
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Army Girl - Venus Book - No 161 - Whit Harrison - 1953 thumbnail
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Venus Books #194 1953
Army Girl - Venus Book - No 161 - Whit Harrison - 1953
Venus Book 161 1953

Story of a Girl Who Couldn’t Live by Regulations

From the back:

Could a woman with a past withstand the temptations of a regiment full of lonely men?
Some Said No
The Army base was no place for the likes of her… What the gossip mongers didn’t know, they invented… What the soldiers didn’t know, they guessed…
She Said Yes 
No matter what they knew of her past, no matter what they whispered about her — she wouldn’t be driven off the post and leave the man she loved… But when the ghost of her past, in the person of her husband’s commanding officer, came back to claim her — she faced the most difficult choice of her life.

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