Bloody Gold

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G-Men Detective November 1936

Note that he appears to be using the very rare Colt Monitor, which was the FBI’s official “fighting rifle” although less than 125 were made.

Also featuring Murder Merchants, Confessional, and The Black Chamber. This entire issue can be downloaded here


3 thoughts on “Bloody Gold”

  1. Experience is the best education.

    “Come here, Mr Artist, and sit down. I’m going to bring this Colt .45 automatic that close to your own left ear and fire it – set off the controlled explosion you always depict. The decibel level will be very educational for you. Hold still, now…”

    The worst offender (of many!) In this regard are the Captain Future covers

    – most of which show him firing an expanding smoke-ring weapon (didn’t Wham-O™ make one…?) to which no one ever pays any attention, not even he! – for it is apparently absolutely harmless to anyone.

    I guess they couldn’t depict the flaming-chain-saw effect a real laser blaster would have – see the unedited scene from ‘Congo’ where a character uses such a weapon to gruesome results.

    “Dinner’s ready…”

  2. Update: Never mind

    Test-firing the ‘Monitor’ in that video indicates the two of them would be deaf as statues anyway, and her pistol doesn’t even rate.

  3. While very true for earth based weaponry, Capt. Future was firing a “Ray Gun.” The audible level would be different.

    Just saying.

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