3 thoughts on “City Of Madness”

      1. I never heard of Luberoff. But looking over his stuff (on Pulp Artists dot com) I see now that I have been using the Luberoff style as a reference for Soare. (It would really help if I had an accurate frame of reference.) There are more Luberoff covers on this site, untagged, but I’m too damn lazy to go through all the covers I’ve identified as Soare and compare them to what Saunders lists as Luberoff, to figure out what’s Soare and what’s Luberoff. It’s also kind of ironic that this mix-up occured with two artists named William.

        Until I take the time to do a proper comparative study and figure out who the hell is who, whenever I see another Soare/Luberoff, I’ll just say, “Cover by William _______.”

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