3 thoughts on “Code Of The Brasados”

  1. That’s without a doubt Harry Lemon Parkhurst, not Hugh Joseph Ward. But I don’t see a signature to show that this is true.

    Oh, never mind, I just spotted his signature. But it’s very faded. I can see it, but you may not be able to. It’s found on the left side of the cover, to the left of her hand, on the same level as her pinky knuckle.

    1. I’m not sure why you have this double-tagged. It’s obviously Parkhurst, plus it’s got his signature. Here is another scan of the same cover and I will show you again where that signature is:


      In that scan, look at to the left of the woman’s fist. You’ll see a signature written in reddish color. Now, regardless as to whether you can make out the signature or not (you may not be able to, because it’s very faint and hard to see), you should, nevertheless, be able to make out that there IS a signature there, and that’s all you need to know that this is a Parkhurst and not a Ward. Why? Because only Parkhurst placed his signature so high up on a cover. Ward always put his name at the very bottom of all his covers. Go and check their covers and see that this is so. So, just based on the placing of the signature, it can not be Ward and thus must be Parkhurst.

      (Then there is that other pesky thing, called artistic style, which also shows it’s a Parkhurst and not a Ward.)

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