Come Murder Me


He Hired a Killer To Kill Himself

But what killer would kill himself for money? You can’t spend it when you’re dead, right?


One thought on “Come Murder Me”

  1. Answer from internet :
    “A man with a split personality, the kind that kicks up on him whenever his lady friend walks out on him. He blanks out and hires an unknown killer. The target: himself. The twist is he doesn’t know he’s done it.
    There’s another girl in the story. She’s a witness to a cop killing in California, and she’s got a gunman on her trail, too. She takes refuge in the man’s apartment.”
    I suppose that in the end, the gunman & the killer kill each other .
    This was Kieran’s only mystery novel, published in 1951 (# 150). He died one year later, aged 51. On that day, Jan.12 1952, number one song in the USA was : “So long, it’s been good to know you”.
    Was this title and invitation to Death ?… (shivers)

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