Come Play With Me

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Bee Line 229 1967
Bee Line 229 1967 back

Marta Benson was rich, alluring, over-sexed and bored — extremely bored. Until she invented a titillating new diversion that involved half the town — the male half!

From the back:

She had what it took to keep the whole town happy!
Almost any man in town could tell you where Marta Benson lived. In fact, most of them could tell you what she wore to bed! Everybody was “swinging” up at the big house on the hill when private eye Nick Eden came on the scene. All he had to do was prove Marta was an adulteress, and he’d pick up an easy $5,000. But Nick had overlooked one thing . . . to expose Marta he’d have to reveal that he was the man she was being unfaithful with!


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