Common-Law Wife

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Midwood Books 75, 1961

She Had To Have A Man — With Or Without Marriage

From the back:

“I’ll live with you but I won’t marry you,” she said.
“But why not?”
“There’d be too many hours when you’d be away from me. In one of those hours the hunger is bound to come over me, and I’d have to do with another man -what I’m doing with you.”
“Have to?” he sneered.
“Yes, Sandy. Have to. I can’t think of morals when I get that strong hunger. All I can do is ache with it, and smoke and drink trying to dull it until I’m ready to pull out my hair or pound my fists against the wall! You don’t know what it’s like to get such a strong desire, do you?”
Her voice dropped to a sad whisper. “I wish you did—then maybe you’d understand a lot of things about me.”

A novel of present day immorality too incredible to be believed and too true to be ignored.


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