7 thoughts on “Dark Fury”

  1. No offence to the great artist, but “Magnificent Women” do not sit on the beach nude with their hands covering their faces. They stand there with a dagger ready to fend off any offender.

    Just saying.

  2. A woman sitting naked on the beach with her head in her hands never happens in the story (at least the hair color is correct to match the female protagonist), it is total “clickbait”.
    The back cover of this issue says:
    She knelt there before him, defenseless and exposed. One woman among a crew of cutthroats, led by an insolent giant of man whose eyes seemed to bore straight through her.”

    This also did not happen. It’s like they made it up to get people to buy the book or took it from a totally different book.

    The first half of the book is a pretty good adventure story as the setting is on a English privateer. When the setting moves to England during their civil war of the 17th century, the action slows down.

  3. “Mate! I’m dark on YOU, sport. I’m fucken furious!! Why’d ya pinch all me clothes? They don’t even fit you, mate. Those pants are WAY too tight, just check out your face! No I can’t even look. You’re a total embarrassment!”

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