3 thoughts on “Death’s Agent”

  1. I wish the artist had written his name down on that piece of paper so we could know who did this fantastic cover.

    1. This cover (Death’s Agent) and the Range Law cover (also on this blog) were done by the very same artist. The hands of the women are identical. The style is precisely the same, in every particular. I also suspect that the Rider From Hell cover (also on this blog) artist is the same guy. The detail of the horse on Rider From Hell is exquisite, just as the details of these other two covers are. It must be the very same artist. But it ain’t Harry Lemon Parkhurst. I wonder who this mystery artist is? Whoever it is, he probably did these three pulp covers while waiting for work on the slicks, and got hired for the slicks right afterward and thus we know nothing about him. I mean, who wouldn’t hire him?

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