Doctor Prescott’s Secret


A Beautiful Nurse… An Indiscreet Affair… And He Found Himself Forced To Rob Women Of Everything Precious…

From the back:

BEING a nurse, and a tremendously attractive woman besides, young Laura Weston found it ridiculously easy to make a conquest of Dr. Steven Prescott. From the first moment of intimacy in her apartment, he found himself slipping deeper„ and deeper into her power—at last becoming her helpless tool in a racket which had become one of the most obnoxious social evils of our times!
Working outside the law, Laura executed her black plans with the boldness and precision of a master villainess, relying not only on her wits, but on her superb body. Was there nothing which could stop this beautiful, unscrupulous woman? Dr. Prescott, on the brink of ruin, came to know the answer…
This novel pulses with vivid human emotions excitingly delineated on every page! And it is a passionately indignant attack on a loathsome horror grown up like a cancer in our society—victimizing all with whom it made contact!


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