Down And Out

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She was like all the others… a young female desperately in need of money, with nothing to offer in the way of collateral except herself!

From the back:

A Little Something On Account

“You have to give me more time,” she pleaded. “I’ll be able to pay next week, I swear. Please, if my husband finds out about this loan, he’ll… well,. I just don’t know what he’d do.”
“I’d have to have a special reason for bending the rules,” he replied softly, allowing his gaze to travel down the length of her ripe body. “Very special.”
Awareness crept into her eyes and color flooded her pale cheeks. She hung her head for a moment and trembled. Then, wetting her lips, she glanced over at the couch and door.
He smiled and rose from behind the desk. “I’ll lock it so we won’t be disturbed.”
The young housewife nodded listlessly and began to unbutton the front of her well-filled blouse.

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