Earth Woman

Lion Books No. 84 - Earth Woman by Edwin J. Becker, 1952

A Savage Novel of Maryland’s Sterile Soil

From the back:

“You’ll Never Know The Ecstasy Of Conquering Something,” Said Lucy Blanton…
Her glittering cat’s eyes dug into the marrow of men, searching, prying, hating and loving, all at once. But could she conquer Marcia, the flaming-haired rebel who fought back, woman to woman… Or the rampaging jet stallion, with murder in his untamed heart… Or Judd, of the cunning animal brutality… Or Barbara, woman of raw nature…
Could She Conquer These?
Here is a novel of Maryland decadence and of the woman who ran the land and the lives of those around her. A woman whose heart was a claw… and whose flesh was a weapon.


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