One thought on “Eater Of Women”

  1. Much of the art of Delos Palmer seems to be variations on a theme.

    For example, this painting of his contains all the jewelry he used for I Am A Monster (also found on this blog: do a blog search to see). Same hoop earrings, same arm and wrist bracelets, same gold coin necklace thingies.

    He also took the same facial pose and used it, with slight variation, on both this painting and on the Hell’s River cover (also found on this blog). Put both images side-by-side and see for yourself.

    Palmer also likes to put his women on the left of the painting, with the men or animals or monsters to the right. And he likes to use wispy smoke, if possible. He’ll use the same face on men of two different covers, or just use the same mouth and alter the rest of their faces. (I won’t provide example covers for those.) Whatever seems to work once, he always does again, but altered slightly.

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