Expense Account Sinners

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Credit Cards Bought Wine, Women — And Infidelity!

From the back:

Order A Girl…
and charge it. Put it down on the old expense account, Lloyd Buries. Charge a huge iced bowl of caviar and a bottle of the finest champagne, and a $43 a night hotel suite, and swing, baby, because you’re on the credit card system with Norden Electronics footing the bills, hiring the girls, keeping the money-spending clients happy. But what is it doing to you as a human being, Lloyd? What is the incessant infidelity to your wife Marian doing to your marriage and your kids? What depths of depravity are you discovering by sharing hundred-dollar-a-night call girls with your clients? How does it feel to be a philanderer, a paid stud, a glad-hand hippy about as valuable to the world as a boll weevil in a cotton patch? How does it feel to sin and say…
Charge It!

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