Fighting Through Hell With Suicide Commanders!

Argosy April 15 1942

I find it interesting that in April 1942, cover artists hadn’t yet started emphasizing the Nazi aspect of the Germans. This officer could easily be from WWI instead.


5 thoughts on “Fighting Through Hell With Suicide Commanders!”

  1. Hedy-Lamarr art by Emmett Watson.
    Watson (1892-1955) “served as a cartographer in the U.S. Army during WWI and was stationed in France” (
    He might have seen ordinary Wehrmacht soldiers there but this officer here is having a monocle, which was already a sign of the nazi arrogance.
    (Hedy Lamarr was a Jewish-Austrian actress who fled nazism – and also invented a techology of frequency-hopping signal for radio-controlled torpedoes, still in use today into Bluetooth).

  2. Good. Running a site like this must be quite an everyday challenge !
    By the way, the weapon shown here is a Thompson Submachine gun M 1928 A1, used in the early years of WW2.
    (Concerning the officer’s red collar, FoolyRain is quite right, it belongs to WW1).

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