Find Me In Fire (1953)

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She Was Young But Ripe For Love

Can anyone make out that signature?

via my own collection

6 thoughts on “Find Me In Fire (1953)”

  1. Looks like Raymond Johnson’s signature. Compare it with his signatures on The Face of Evil and Reformatory Girls. And the blonde is very similar to the one on Johnson’s cover for Dark Hunger.

    1. Marc, thank you for supporting my hunch about Find Me In Fire. Much appreciated! Four years after my last comment, now I can sleep. Ha ha.

      Although I don’t know for certain whether Raymond Johnson also illustrated the cover for Time And The Place by Robert Paul Smith (Avon, 1952), compare it with the cover for Dark Hunger, and I’m sure you’ll see the resemblance with the man’s visage.

      Thanks again, sincerely,
      —Ryder Windham

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