5 thoughts on “Flames Of Joy”

      1. To be honest, the pendulous breasts threw me off. I’m so used to seeing Bonfils women with breasts that jutt straight out as if they were filled with silicone.

        So I decide to do a cover search on this site and compare the art of Harold W. McCauley, Robert Bonfils and Darrell Millsap.

        I started with McCauley and it became obvious that the broad paint strokes that are found in this cover is not a signature of his art. So, it’s not McCauley.

        Next I began reviewing Bonfils, and it was plain that Bonfils DID use broad strokes. However, before I could review it all and then move on to Millsap, I came across this:


  1. Girl on the second book is a copy of Bonfils Satan Was My Pimp cover. I know this because I showed the other book to Bonfils at his house. He was quick to point out the differences. And why he did not do it. That publisher did that to several of his covers.

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