3 thoughts on “Four And Twenty Blackjacks”

  1. To this day, there are around 210 pulp covers on this site where a telephone is the main element of the action (starting in the 1920s).
    To no surprise, 9 times out of 10, a woman is on the phone.
    Nowadays, one century later, telephones are everywhere, a (major) part of everyone’s daily life. What will it be in another century from now ?

    1. I’m surprised there is no telephone tag.

      Never mind 2120 (since who will be alive then to prove I’m right?), therefore I predict that in the next 13 years (by 2033) analog telephones of every kind, including old time switchboard types, will be brought back and the analog telephone will be ubiquitous, whereas the digital telephone as we know it will be extinct. Now that’s a prediction that can be tested (assuming people will be alive in 13 years).

      1. I’m kinda partial to a rotary dial-up, party line like in the ’50s. (loved the thrill of listening in on the neighbors conversations–till I got caught :)

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