6 thoughts on “Ghost of a Buckaroo”

  1. Dim screen again, but it’s obviously Harry Lemon Parkhurst. Will return later on brighter screen to find his signature.

    1. marc, look behind the G of GHOST. Do you not see the P-A-R-K there? I’d say the probability of this being a Parkhurst is 99.99% (+.01%).

      1. You once wrote that Parkhurst always signed his covers, proved right once again, Miss Mo !
        So, on previous cover, his signature must be somewhere behind the “circle dot”.

  2. Looks a bit like actress Paulette Goddard. Presumably lots of artists used photo-references, although H.J. Ward’s wife was the model for most of his women-in-peril cover paintings.

    Also, the lady has an interesting tattoo on her thigh: wonder what significance “Jul 18” had for her? (that’s a joke, son)

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