4 thoughts on “Give The Kid Bullets And A Gun Chore!”

  1. This cover reminds me of a conversation I recently had with my friend, Richard, about some untagged cases I found in my garage:

    “Look here, Richard. Case is not tagged,” I said to my friend. “Please tag it.”

    1. Weird. The table of contents of that magazine clearly credits Scott as the cover artist, but the cover itself is clearly signed Case.

      1. Ah, so! Then maybe that one issue that said Albert Drake did the Raphael DeSoto-type cover is wrong, after all! (I have found many typos in the pulps I have read, btw.) And if that’s so, then maybe that other pulp mailed the wrong proof sheet to Soare, after all! Maybe these pulp editors and mailers were all a bunch of sloppy drunks who committed egregious errors all of the time! Maybe printing splotches were actually spilled alcoholic drinks! The plot thickens!

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