Midwood Books 32-492, 1965 thumbnail
Midwood 32-492 1965 thumbnail
Midwood 32-492, 1965 thumbnail
Midwood 32-492, 1965 back thumbnail
Midwood Books 32-492, 1965
Midwood 32-492 1965
Midwood 32-492, 1965
Midwood 32-492, 1965 back

His nights belonged to the man-hungry widow who paid his salary… his days to her hot-eyed daughter who wouldn’t leave him alone!

From the back:

THE WIDOW—sex-starved and tormented by her own shameless need, a need so strong and so uncontrollable that she found herself sharing a man with her daughter!
THE DRIFTER—young and virile, a healthy animal who enjoyed catering to the desperate needs of the female guests at the farm as well as to those of the woman who owned it!
THE TEENAGER—restless and ripe, she had a weakness for men with muscles, men who looked good in tight pants, men who knew how to change a girl into a woman!

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