Hard-Boiled! (Original Title: Struggle)

1950 Venus Books #110 thumbnail
VENUS BOOKS #110 1950 thumbnail
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1950 Venus Books #110
VENUS BOOKS #110 1950

She Made Love Her Business

From the back:

Too much romance can be a dangerous thing – especially to a love-starved, embittered youth like Terry Patrick, and after being “taken over the hurdles” by two tempting wantons, Terry was convinced that anything more than a one-night stand was bound to be fatal. Only out of sympathy did he provide food and shelter for the penniless harlot who walked uninvited into his life. His very hatred of her seemed to make him strong, able to withstand the buffeting of fate. . . But how strong is the dividing line between love and hate? Where does one end and the other begin?
Romance On A Rampage…. Excitingly Illustrated!

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