3 thoughts on “Hell’s Sales Manager”

  1. The Spider doesn’t look like he’s rescuing her, he’s bringing her *to* the Bald Guys Apartment Building! If I remember correctly, in some of the Spider stories (and on a few of the covers) he wears a sort of fright-mask or makeup, not the standard hero-domino he sports here, which isn’t very distinctive (or concealing)… Well, I was half-right, according to sources: “The Spider’s earliest costume consisted of a simple black domino mask, black hat, and cape. Later in the series, vampire-like makeup appeared, which was replaced with a face mask featuring grizzled hair and finally a hunchback.”

    1. He’s rescuing her from the other building full of thugs, only to find still more thugs in his way. Life was like that back in the pulps. Minions of evil everywhere. Some days you just can’t get rid of a blonde…

      (And for anyone who got that pun, I’m not sorry!)

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