Here’s Your O.R.G.Y.

Here's Your O.R.G.Y., paperback book cover, 1969 thumbnail
Here's Your O.R.G.Y. 1969 thumbnail
Berkley Medallion S1736 1969 thumbnail
Here's Your O.R.G.Y., paperback book cover, 1969
Here's Your O.R.G.Y. 1969
Berkley Medallion S1736 1969

From the back:

(Or it will be, if Steve Victor can come up to the mark. Or the Mark can come up to the Victor !)
Steve is off on a wild, swing-a-ling search for some prime O.R.G.Y. material, to wit:
( 1) One natural (Has to be proved!) blonde (and busty) hippie.
(2) One sex-starved married woman. She’s got to be gorgeous, French, and a titled aristocrat.
(3 ) One well-developed Pygmy princess—with a Ph.D. in psychology from Oxford University, yet!
(4 ) One redheaded Danish virgin—not pastry, virgin.
(5) One shapely sabra, willing to lay down her rifle for an O.R.G.Y.
If Steve can round up this fetching cargo for Sheikh Ali Khat, he can pay off a real debt. The elimination bouts are frenzied, it’s no-holds-barred with the competition, and Steve’s only hope lies in his ability to maintain a stiff upper . . . lip!

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