House Party

House Party, paperback cover, 1961 thumbnail
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House Party, paperback cover, 1961

Was She Really A “Frozen” Wife — Or Maybe She Just Needed A Real Man!
Everyone Else At The Party Was Changing Partners. Betsy Fanning Decided To Try It, Too — And Find The Ecstasy Her Cheating Husband Could Not Give Her…
The Story Of A Wild, Wife-Trading Weekend In Connecticut

From the back:

They were sorry in the morning…
Betsy was about to give in…
… to the moment of passion every woman needs. But could she find it during this wild-drinking, wild-sexing weekend house party? Would —
Joe Paradise…
… her husband’s boss, take enough time off from cheating with the other lovely guests to pave Betsy’s way to Eden? Or could —
Milly Paradise…
… Joe’s wife, show the way through overexposed sexcapades with an ambisexterous lover? Or might —
Tom Fanning…
… Betsy’s own husband, through his weekend affair with lovely Erin, send Betsy into the arms of —
Ed Barnes…
… and the ecstasy Tom had always denied her?

The Story Of A Free-Loving Weekend — Answering A Question Deeper Than Morality!

This entire book can be downloaded here

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