Into The Fire

Midwood 32-435 1965

Paroled from a girl’s reformatory into the custody of a wealthy, jaded woman, Laurie suddenly realized she’d merely jumped out of the frying pan —

From the back:

LAURIE . . . exploited and degraded by her youthful encounters with coarse hoodlums, she was ripe and ready for the kind of love she found rampant in the home for wayward girls.
HESTER . . . the burly prison matron who picked the newest and prettiest inmates for her special pets and saw to it that they never forgot their stay at the reformatory.
BLANCHE . . . the wealthy socialite who made a practice of arranging the parole of desirable prison-girls under her custody and who employed them as her ultra-personal maids.
NAOMI . . . spoiled and sensual, she found herself a rival with her step-mother for the attentions of a young girl who’d introduced her to a brand of passion she couldn’t do without.


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