6 thoughts on “Kill A Man, Please!”

  1. I’m certain that I’ve seen this cover set-up on some other pulp. A line of women in the same type of contraption being sprayed with something by a man. I suppose this artist just copied the premise of the other cover, or maybe this is the original cover which was later re-done by someone else for the other cover. I wish I knew where I saw the other cover.

    1. It took me 300 pages of searching on this blog! 300 pages! But finally I found the dang cover. The other cover is called Maidens For Satan’s Death Ray. Okay, now it’s time for some much needed rest…

      (Btw, as many pages as I had to go through to find this image, it was worth all the time spent. I saw some spectacular artwork.)

  2. I was thinking that perhaps the difference in color between this cover and the other cover was that this cover was retouched by Joseph Sokoli’s pesky airbrush, but coming back today and looking over it again, it doesn’t appear to me to be retouched. The colors are just more intense. What do you think? Was this retouched or just printed with more color? Did Sokoli ever retouch Saunders’ works?

    Compare with:
    Maidens For Satan’s Death Ray

  3. 100% identical. 300 pages search, my !
    I first thought that the navel of the central female figure was placed much too high but I figured it must have been the result of the laser ray. Oh whatever.

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