Killinger! The Rainbow/Seagreen Case

44704576-115 P K Palmer The Rainbow Seagreen Case Killinger 2 Pinnacle 074[1]

More exciting than James Bond, Mike Hammer, Travis McGee, and then some. He’s ruggedly virile, he’s karate-quick, he’s… Killinger!

From the back:

A Plane Crash In The Pacific

It was not an ordinary case. But then, Jedediah Killinger III was not an ordinary man. He was a man who made his own rules and called his own game.

They called him in because the implications of the crash were far-reaching. They reached to Russia, where the KGB held a meeting to discuss their next step. To Peking, where the matter was given urgent attention. The British were asking questions. The French were looking for answers. The CIA was searching for clues.

This time Jed Killinger had to hurry. Because a blonde .mermaid, Marja-Liisa Kikkonen, found a piece of pipe. Seagreen was the color, AJB- 567037 was the identifying number, and death might be the reward. And she was much too beautiful to die…


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