Ladies’ Masseur

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Midwood-Tower No. 50

Women Couldn’t Resist Him And He Couldn’t Resist Money

Behind The Scenes In A Massage Parlor Where Man-Hungry Women Pay For Passion

From the back:

The Desperate Darlings
flocked to the massage parlor. Jimmy couldn’t blame them. After all, where would these girls and women go to if it weren’t for the massage parlor? Where would they go with their desires? Some would turn to drink. Or drugs. And some would go insane. The massage parlor was cheaper than drink, drugs or doctors—and much more satisfying.
Jimmy gave the women everything they asked for. If it wasn’t work, it was fun. He was available to every woman —young or old, beautiful or plain — who would pay his price.
They couldn’t buy love but they could buy Jimmy!


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