Lady for Love


The Unrestrained Story Of Four Men And An Artful Girl

From the back:

Come Live With Me And Be My Love

When Mayta Colby, captivating and tricksy, placed a well-turned calf inside the offices of a wholesale perfumery, she upset every man on the premises. Mayta knew that a girl with her looks and figure had to be on the offensive every moment. Mayta knew the ropes well…

But there were several men she rubbed up against in her daily dealing who discovered that occasionally Mayta let her guard drop. One by one they tried to crack open her congealed reserve. crowding her fast, until she found herself gasping for breath!

How Mayta, always a salty scrapper, proves adequately equipped for any situation, whether they be Greenwich Village love nests, dimly lighted warehouses, or bachelor quarters — will keep the reader amused and highly titillated right up to the last page.


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