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  1. Great to see this book, Leopard in the Grass and the illustration by Richard Cardiff. I own the original painting from which the cover was created. It is much more detailed and sultry. I inherited the painting and several others by Cardiff when I purchased his craftsman cottage in East Northport, NY in 1990 from his 94 year-old widow, Helen. The home was built in 1926, and Helen Cardiff had several of Richard’s paintings proudly displayed in the home along with a scrapbook of dozens of his book and magazine cover illustrations.

    1. Do you have a clear, straight-on photo of the painting? I would love to post it here. (The higher resolution the better)

      1. Yes, I have a clear straight-on photo of Richard Cardiff’s original painting for Leopard in the Grass, and for Victory in the Dust. Please let me know how to send them to you electronically for posting. I have another Cardiff painting that you are your subscribers might be able to identify as well. Best regards, Dennis

    2. He was my great uncle. My grandmother’s brother. He painted a portrait of my father after my dad passed away. My brother has it hanging in his house. I used to go visit his house in North port. A few of his sisters and his only brother and they’re families live around each other. I remember in the summer we would go visit and run around the large yards.

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