Madame Buccaneer

Gold Medal 328 1953 thumbnail
28123152477-gold-medal-328-paperback-original-august-1953-first-printing-cover-art-by-barye-phillips thumbnail
Madame Buccaneer Gardner F Fox front cover thumbnail
Gold Medal 328 1953
Madame Buccaneer Gardner F Fox front cover

With cutlass and pistol she ruled the Spanish Main

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From the back:

Dead or alive the Spanish hidalgos wanted them, the fiery, beautiful Lizzie Hollister and Martin Chandos, the renegade Irishman. Their magic seamanship and gallant swords had cut a bloody swath across the deeps of the Spanish Main.

Lizzie, the English beauty, alone was a tempestuous prize for the man who could catch and tame her.

At their backs fought the galleon crew, a grim-faced cutthroat assembly, for whom kill and pillage were the laws of the sea and gold and jewels their rightful reward.

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